“Last Train Home”—The drama of the world’s largest annual human migration.

Yes. There are a lot of people in China, and a large subset of them do long-term commutes to the cities for work. That is, they live in the cities where they work  return back to their rural roots every New Year to celebrate.  How many people? Over 130,000,000. They do this every spring.


What’s a mӕtbot?


What’s a mӕtbot? That’s another post I’ll be working on later. The simplest description I can give is any human who works for a corporation or state living a subsistence-only life.

Edward Burtynsky’s “Manufactured Landscapes”

Are you buying anything Made in China simply because it’s cheaper? This movie may make you rethink what effect that’s been having on the planet. In short, to maximize profit, your jobs are sent overseas where millions of people slave for long hours as meat robots (mӕtbots). Check out Manufactured Landscapes and see the new wastelands we create as we externalize the damages of our consumption at the same time we allow our jobs to be disappeared.