Are you a Statist?

A what?

A “satist.”

What’s a statist?

A statist is a person who has been conditioned to believe that an organization elected (or not) can best protect you from the problems of the world.

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Transhumanism and the singularity: A future crisis for all evolved life.

One of of the nice and cursed things about reality is there’s always more that you can learn. Always.  We invent new concepts constantly, some survive and some don’t.  
If you could become immortal (or transhuman), it still wouldn’t solve the problem of an infinite amount of knowledge to aquire.
Transhumanism as a concept is controversial for different motivations. Some people don’t believe its right that someone could become immortal because it would god-like. If you think this is far-fetched, consider what your cell-phone was like in the 1990’s and what it’s like today in 2011: these little shiny bricks can do a lot, and they’re always getting better at what they do. With the invention of Hierarchical Temporal Memory, it won’t be long before general purpose learning/prediction agents will be loosed upon the Earth.
I think transhumanism is wrong because there wouldn’t be any restrictions to what transhumans would do to natural resources that nature and subtranshumans would require to live. To become transhuman is to threaten the existence of pre-singularity life, as there isn’t really anything in any of the “hardware” we have to enforce morality, except pain. 
And when you can “clone” your mind, pain is nothing more than a new (or boring) experience. As anyone who knows anything about information in the wild, once released, it is impossible to eradicate all copies, just as it will be for bad transhumans when they come. Let’s hope the first successful transhumans are anarchists. <crossing my fingers>