Professor Niall Ferguson’s “Ascent of Money—A Financial History of the World”

One thing you’re never really quite taught in public schools is how money works. Sure, they might teach you how to use paper money, checkbooks or credit cards, but they won’t really teach you the origins of the paper money, checkbook, credit cards and how much money and finance has changed in history. It changes constantly, and usually to some advantage to the state or corporation. This four-hour long documentary should be required viewing for anyone serious about Occupying Wall Street, for you need to know what schemes “Wall Street” invented to oppress you with.

For the same reason why you can’t forego all social interactions in Into the Wild, you must realize that we cannot do without money because that is the very tool we require for social transactions above the level of barter.

Finally, a note for you Ron Paul-loving gold bugs: Gold is an element, it is not money—anymore. Fwah! 😉